Agape Bible Church in Bangalore was attacked and the Pastor Arrested.

Lingarajpuram – Bangalore: 19-12-2011- Agape Bible Church was attacked and Sunday worship Service was stopped by the Hindu fanatics at Pillanna Garden near Lingarajpuram, in Bangalore, on Sunday morning, 18-12-2011. As also reported in the secular media, over 200 activists of the right wing group Hindu Jagran Vedike, barged into the church when the Sunday prayers were on and attacked its Pastors Reuben Satyaraj and Perumal Fernandes. It was a regular Sunday Service wherein some of the believers “were only being given baptism to confirm their membership to the church, as part of a regular year-end program,” according to the statement of one of the church leaders.

We have also reliably learnt that about 20 believers were to be baptized as such, as Christmas is nearing and in the meantime two members of the vedike had also managed to quietly sneak in. When the right signal came, these two closed the doors from the inside and others nearly 200 gathered outside the church surrounding the church and began raising slogans of forced and fraudulent conversions by the Christians. Then they physically assaulted the pastors and some of the believers and abused them using filthy language. Then they sent for the police from the K.G. Hally police station. The police Sub Inspector Siddappa, soon appeared on the scene with a posse of police constables and took the 20 believers allegedly being converted, to the police station for further investigation. After inquiring for several hours and finding that there was no truth in whatever the Hindu Jagran Vedike members had alleged against the pastors, all the 20 believers were allowed to go home. But unfortunately the 60 year old sick pastor, Pastor Reuben Sathyaraj, was detained till late into the night and when he took ill, he was allowed by the police to go the hospital for treatment on the condition that he should report back to the police station the next morning. The next morning the pastor was charged as per articles 153-A and 295-A of IPC and the GCIC is doing its best to get the pastor out on bail. Charging the pastor looks more like an attempt to placate the rabid fundamentalists rather than any guilt on the part of the pastor.
The Agape Bible Church has been spreading the good news during the last 20 years in Pillanna Garden 3rd Stage, one of the most backward areas of the “pensioners’ paradise of Bangalore.” It has literally changed the entire place into a civilized part of Bangalore now. The church has a total membership of more than 500 believers.
The members of the Hindu Jagaran Vedike have been actively doing this in Bangalore again and again as a part of their well-planned scheme of things, for quite some time now. If the readers can recall the incidents published earlier in the year, the number - 200 of activists remains more or less the same also resorting to the same type of mischief in the northern part of the city of Bangalore, more perhaps as a Sunday diversion for them, but unfortunately making themselves a terrible social menace, which both the State and the Union Government must take note of. Their bluff was out when one of the ladies, a falsely accused believer, as shown in some of the channels of the T.V. throughout the day, loudly shouting that there was no force and no compulsion whatsoever on anybody to become a Christian and that they are following Jesus of their own accord and that the Hindu fanatics have no business to interfere in their personal lives.