Kandhamal fast tract courts terminated,seven falsely accused languish in Phulbani jail

The Judge at Fast Track Court (Phulbani), intentionally delayed hearing the case. He dragged on the case till His court was terminated. Fast Track Courts constituted to try Kandhamal riot cases were terminated w e f 01/04/13. Now case is transfered to regular court - the Sessions Court. It is a fact that cases delay at regular courts. Now it is put up for arguments by prosecution, doh 22/5/13.The illegally detained Prisoners have completed more than 4 and a half years in prison.

Back Ground
Victims meet Konjamendi,(seven Christians jailed for over 3 and half years in Phulbani Jail)19.3.12
Six mothers and 12 children from villages of Kotogad reached Konjamendi on 18.3.12 afternoon. These six mothers are wives of six of the seven men falsely charged with murder of Swami Laxmanananda in august 2008. One mother and a few children could not reach the place of gathering. They were welcomed at Dibyajyoti Pastoral centre, by Rev . Prasan Pradhan. Pastors Sushant Pradhan and Sunil Parichha facilitated the group. After evening prayer and dinner they had night rest. Br Sajan George and Bro Markose reached in the night.
On 19.3.12, the day began with a prayer service presided by Rev . Prasan Pradhan. He made the worship very lively, emotional and participatory with sharing by the participants, It was followed by breakfast.
. Dr Sajan George explained book of Job in detail and exhorted the meaning of suffering by the just man. Importance of not being defeated in the face of suffering and final victory in resurrection. Importance of suffering and forgiving as Jesus forgave from the Cross. He also narrated story of Susanna (a cancer patient). He stressed the point that no one can explain reasons for certain painful things happen in life. We keep our faith that even if a mother forgets her child, our Lord will not forsake us. We keep our faith on the Lord. Many people from all over the world are prying for the seven families. So don't think that no one cares for you. Many people are caring for you and are concerned about you. He emphasized also the need for an attitude of gratitude. Many people are encouraged by your faith. The prayer session ended with concluding prayer for forgiveness and peace by Dr Sajan George.
Second session began after tea. It was a session of shirring by mothers.
1. Ruta W/o Gornath Challanseth shared. Her husband was called to police station. On 13.12.08, a home guard came to call. He insisted and took him way in a hurry to police station. When he reported, he was taken into custody. He has not yet returned home. He is falsely implicated in case and kept in jail. Their village sartuli in Kotagad block is about 5 hours ride by bike from Phulbani.
2. Badusi W/o sanatan Badmajhi, vill Nandabali (Madaguda),Kotagad; about 3 hours bike ride from Phulbani. Her husband was taken away in night when he was sleeping at home verandah on, 4th Oct 2008, She has 4 children, live on daily wages.
3. Gumuli W/o Durjo Sunamajhi, Vill Mdaguda (Budapada), Kotagad. On 4/8/12, night while we were asleep, police came, woke up her husband, broke door, pushed me, took him away only in lungi. He is falsely implicated in murder case. Elder two sons are laburers. Younger 3 children are students.
4. Bandigudali w/o Munda Badmajhi, Duringpodi, Mdaguda, Kotagad. On 4/8/12, HUsband was taken away, after waking him from sleep. I wanted to give him a shawl, but the police pushed me away. My husband is falsely implicated in case and kept in prison at Phulbani.
5. Nilandri, W/o Budhadeb Nayak, vill Kilangi. Kotagod, Can reach their village six months in year only. During rainy season, river near Kotagad would be flooded, No road, only riding bike on foot path to reach village. On 4/8/12 her husband was taken away from home by police. His hands and legs wee tied and taken away. He was wearing only lungi, he was not even permitted to have a shirt. He is falsely charged with murder and kept in jail.
6. Pabitra Sanseth, W/o Bijay Kr Sanseth, Madhuguda, Kotagad. During communal riots of 2008, we were in jungles for about a week. When they returned home to live. Husband was repeatedly Called to police station, When he reported to p s on 13/12/08, he was taken to Rayagada jungles, then to Baliguda p.s. He is falsely implicated in the murder of Swami Laxmanananda and is kept in jail at Phulbani.
At the end of sharing pastor Sushant prayed for families of all affected.
Ranjit Kumar Nayak reached at the beginning of the third session. He was accompanied by his brother and paternal uncles. Introduced himself and his brother and uncles to the group. He also shared that after his father was murdered, he was helped to learn driving and he has been provided autorickshwaw by Dr Sajan George.
Each of the seven (six present and one absent) victim was presented assistance by Dr Sajan George. It was time for lunch and the gathering got over with lunch.
After lunch Dr sajan Bro Markose and two youth proceed to Phulbanai to meet victims in jail.
All the mothers were escorted back to their homes to Kotagad, where provided assistance to these victim families.