Kandhamal Pastor brutaly murdered after illegal detention by police

Pastor Nirakant Pradhan (aged about 48 yrs) was a native of village Kerubadi (Daringbadi, Kandhamal). He was a pastor of Kandhmal Union of Baptists. He was badly beaten and tortured by Maoists in July 2009. The maoists accused him to be an informer of the police.
On 25.09.11, he was called by the local police to meet them. Mr Pradhan thought that it was a courtesy call. Without knowing that he would never return home, he reported to the police. His arrest was officially made on 6.10.11. though he was in police custody from 25.9.11. According to his wife, he was accused of supplying provisions by his four - wheeler auto (Tata magic). He was falsely made accused in other cases involving Maoists. He was kept in Baliguda sub-jail. He was transfered to Phulbani prison in May 2012.

On 2th May 2012, evening family members were informed from Jail that Pastor Nirakant Pradhan expired. As per official reports, 'he had complained of stomach pain on 27.5.12, forenoon. He was given medicine by the pharmacist of the prison. He recovered. But later in the afternoon he suddenly became unconscious. He was taken by auto to nearby govt hospital. At hospital, he was brought dead.' Examination of the dead body was conducted in the presence of magistrate. red marks were found on his neck and throat., there were white marks on his private parts."
According to the wife and son of the deceased, Pradhan was tortured and killed. Some inmates of the jail also told that Late Pradhan had told them that he was badly tortured at Baliguda sub-jail.
So far no criminal proceedings have been initiated against his killers. The family has not received any compensation from government. GCIC is in touch with the family
1. Sirjimati (mother) aged about 75 years
2. Mulamati (wife) aged about 45 yrs
3. Subodh (son) aged 22 yrs, II yr student of engineering (He dropped out due to financial problems). He is desirous of continuing his stuidies.
4. Sadhana (daughter) student of 12 class
5. Sudhakshya (son) student 12 class
6. Sagarika (daughter) student of 8 class
7. Megha (daughter) student of 6 class
Hope and pray that some generous persons will come forward to help this tribal christian family that became victim of 'cross-doubt' by the maoists and the police