Khandamal Catholic Priest Attacked.

Sakananda isa small village about 4 kilometers noth of Gudayagiri at Khandamal. The Catholic parist at Sukananda is about 100 years old. The church priest’s residence is adjucent to the convent of mIssioanries of charity. This church was badly ransacked and destroyed during the communal violence of 2008. A grotto stands onthe hill behind the church. Rev Sisisrkant Sabhanayak is the parish priest since 2010.

On 29.03.12, Manoj, S/o Mr Rabindra Nayak of village Sukananda and others began to dig up the way to the grotto. Rev. Sisisrkant told them not to do so and they agreed. But again on 30.03.12, they came with JCB machines and began to dig and remove mud from the road which leads to the grotto. Rev. Sisisrkantagain requested them to not to dig up the way to the grotto. At this Manoj and others abused thr priest with filthy language and one Deepak Nayak caught hold of Rev. Sisisrkant’s throat, kicked him and threaten to kill him. On 4th April, when the priest was on his way to Gudayagiri, Manoj Nayak again caught hold of priest’s throat and pushed him. On 6th April, Rabindra Nayak came and threatened to kill priest.