Martyred Saul Pradhan's widow denied justice despite court orders in Kandhamal

Saul Pradhan (Vill Banjamaha, Raikia, Kandhamal) was called out of home and taken away by two persons who reside not far away from his house on 10 Jan 2011, in the evening. His wife and children are witness. His dead body was found next day evening about 2 kilometres away on the banks of pond at Nahudimaha.

Information given to the police was treated as that of Unnatural Death. It was not registered as a case of murder. After post-mortem, the widow (complainant) was told that it was natural death, caused by excessive liquor and extreme cold. Copy of Post mortem report was refused.The Investigation officer Mr Barik himself had personally assured GCIC that justice would be given to Namrita,the widow.The lower level police and district administration continue to toe Hidutva diktats.
On 29.1.11, a complaint case was filed by the widow at the court of Judicial Magistrate (First Class) at G Udayagiri. The magistrate required(ordered) the local police to reply.
In spite of repeated dates, the police did not file any reply till 31.3.11. So the magistrate, finding prima facie case of murder, ordered as follows:
"....the I I C(Investigation officer) Raikia is directed to register this case at Raikia Police Station and to investigate the case U/s156(3) of the Cr P C, with intimation to this Court with immediate effect......Put up on dt.15/4/11 for further order."

Inspite of repeated order of the magistrate (J M, FC, G Udayagiri) to IIC of Raikia to register and investigate the case, the IIC did not comply. The magistrate then ordered the SP to register case and get it investigated. The clerk o the Court did not send magistrate's order to the SP. On last date - 6/6/11, the magistrate has again ordered the S P. ( He did scold the clerk for not sending his order to the SP.)