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Welcome to the Persecution update India media section. It is here that we showcase the touching stories and faint voices of pain that we find around. This is our minuscule attempt to bring out the realities of our persecuted brothers and sisters in black and white.
Please note: this section need a voice supported computer with fast internet connection with "Flash" plugin.
Install flash in 2 minutes to sense the depth of persecution in India.

Watch more:
Burning anger against Christians in Orissa on this Christmas day.
A touching walk through on Orissa Christian persecution.

Orissa Christians in the jungle on Christmas day.

Nuns attacked in Western state of Maharashra for their faith (video)

Persecution gives Christians a chance to shout-out to the LORD God how much you love Him, by enduring more than the worldly common.

Persecution gives us a chance to prove our love and following of Jesus Christ, as we endeavor to do it His Way, in spite of our human desires for retribution and attack.

Persecution makes a fertile ground for spiritual growth to be increased at a higher rate, as lessons of God are frequently inserted within the drama.

Persecution shouts to the persecutors the witness of Jesus Christ, and your willingness to endure in showing His love!