Stay granted for the FIR filed by Police and Sharia court aginst Kashmir Pastor Khanna

I spoke to the Lawyer, who further told that they have been successful for confirming a stay order on the FIR (First Information Report) booked by the Police, sharia court as well as the Government. Now according to this, the government officials as well as none of the police officer is allowed to do further investigation. I remember a beautiful verse, I thought I must share with you, from the book of Psalms 57:3, which says like this, "He sends from heaven and saves me, rebuking those who hotly pursue me; Selah God sends his love and his faithfulness."
Thank you very much!

Blessed and Kind Regards,
Nathan Pratyksh Khanna


Nathan, please delete any no suject e-mails. the problem is sporatic and I have tried changing passwords etc.
I am well aware of the problems your father is having with court case. Bosmi and I have been in contact. I have been praying and Psalm 35 seems to keep coming back. The picture that appears when reading asks for help and goes on to give the answer at the end. Read the entire Psalm. I continue to pray for your family. I have seen several pictures of your beautiful niece. Give my regards to your mom and dad. All to the honor and glory of God, Storm

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