Supreme court of India slams Kerala state for targeting Muringoor Retreat center-GCIC welcomes

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today directed the Kerala State to withdraw the re-investigation plea in the case against Muringoor Divine Centre in Thrissur. The Court had earlier cancelled the case against the centre.
The Court said the State had misinterpreted the High Court that the case still exists. The Court harshly criticized government’s action.The Supreme Court also directed to withdraw the petition seeking police probe into allegations against Centre, failing which strict action will be taken against the petitioner.

Earlier report:-
Earlier, the High Court had directed the Government to constitute a special investigation team (SIT) headed by Vinson M. Paul, to probe into various allegations, including sexual exploitation of women against the Divine Retreat Centre at Muringoor.Justice K. Padmanabhan Nair had ordered that the SIT should inquire into the allegation of foreign exchange violations by the centre and alleged unnatural death that took place in and around the centre during the past two years. He ordered that the team be constituted within two weeks.
The direction came on an anonymous letter complaining about criminal and anti-social activities taking place at the centre. After initiating suo motu proceedings on the basis of the letter, the court had received a complaint from a woman detained at the District Jail, Kozhikode
She was detained in the jail in connection with a theft in the centre. She alleged that in the past two years, a number of dead bodies were found on the National Highway and the railway track near the centre. According to her, these deaths were not deaths due to accidents.
She, in her complaint, said that the bodies were buried in the public ground. The keeper of the burial ground had once objected to bringing dead bodies having injuries. He was found dead in mysterious circumstances within two months. Women coming to the centre were being sexually exploited by the priest at the centre, she alleged.
The court said that the investigation into the complaint of the woman was in cold storage. The attempt of the investigation officers was to exonerate the accused and make the complainant as accused.
The Court ordered appointment of a senior officer in view of the allegations that senior IAS and IPS officers were associating with the functioning of the centre. The court also made it clear that it was open to the SIT to resort to scientific methods such as polygraph test, brain mapping and DNA finger printing.
The State Information Commission (SIC) had asked the police top brass to provide a copy of the report of the investigation into the alleged misdeeds at Divine Retreat Centre at Muringoor in Thrissur district to a human rights activist who sought the report under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.
On a directive by the High Court, a police team headed by Inspector General Vincent M. Paul had carried out an investigation into a host of allegations of irregularities at the popular Christian faith-healing centre. The report of the investigation was submitted to the High Court and the Supreme Court.