GCIC wants Prime Minister to Clarify in the parliament

The Christian community in particular and millions of admirers of Mother Teresa in general feel highly hurt by the irresponsible and mischievous remarks made by the RSS Chief, Mr. Mohan Bagwat, denigrating the good name of Mother Teresa and the compassionate work of helping and rehabilitating the dying and the sick in India and the world over as her life’s mission. The remark imputing Mother Teresa with her main objective as being mainly converting her beneficiaries to Christianity is highly objectionable and deserves to be condemned by all men of good will in the country and the world over.

As widely reported in all the newspapers in India Mr. Bhagwat supposed to have made the remark while inaugurating an orphanage and a women’s home at Bharatpur in Rajasthan. Though the remark was made in an innocuous way in a small city like Bharatpur in Rajasthan, it is quite evident that the motive behind such a damaging remark is to demolish the good name of Mother Teresa and with that also subtly demolish what the Christians in this country have done during all these years. Perhaps, he wants to paint black everything done by Christians in this country with a single stroke of the sweeping brush, in his great enthusiasm and misplaced aspiration to make India as a Hindu Rashtra, at any cost. Mother Teresa has undoubtedly been a universally accepted as a messenger of Christ and reaching out to the last the least in alleviating their suffering and misery as a Christian. The clear intention is to demolish her and the community to which she belongs.

This seems to go diametrically opposite to what our Prime minister Sri. Narendra Modi, keeps on averring again and again, that nobody would be allowed to make inflammatory statements that would lead to communal disharmony in the country. The RSS Chief has done precisely that. At this juncture, we want our Prime Minister to clarify the whole issue by making a statement on the floor of the house as the parliament session is on, as this would give a clear message to the entire nation how far he is willing to go to keep the nation united and implement his programme of development in order to bring up our country to be on par with the developed countries in the world.
Hoping that you would give the necessary coverage to our press release and thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

For the Global Council of Indian Christians,

(Dr. Sajan K. George)
National President