Sr Amala's murderer identified

The accused Satheesh Babu involved in the murder of Sr Amala of Lisieux Carmelite Convent in Pala, has been arrested in Haridwar. Sathish Babu alias Sathish Nair (39) of Kasargod was arrested last night from the Ayappa Swamy Temple in Haridwar where he was hiding.

However, the investigating team has not confirmed his custody officially. Sathish, who reached Haridwar after the murder told the temple authorities that he was a sanyasin. He told them that he lost his purse while having bath in the Ganga and sought their help.

Though strangers are not allowed to enter the ashram, he somehow got in after meeting some Keralites there. He tried to escape from there after police released the image of his picture. When the ashram refused to give him money, he went to a nearby hotel and sent an SMS to his relative. The police who was observing his relative’s phone immediately informed the SP of Haridwar. Following that, the Haridwar police arrested Sathish Babu.

The culprit has already made 6 similar attacks on nuns. He is made out to be mentally challenged, but that is just a ploy to escape the hooks of the law. Kerala Police may do well to investigate other angles for the motive behind the attacks, like that from the religious fanatics.Many are not happy about Keralaites living in religious harmony

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SatheeshbabuKottayam: The police have identified the murderer of Sr Amala of Carmelite convent, Pala, as Satheesh Babu, hailing from Kasargod. His photo has been released.
The police got information about him following investigation conducted focusing mobile phone towers. Though the police say they haven't nabbed him, indications are that the culprit is in their net.

The investigating team found out in the primary probe itself that the culprit was in Pala at that time. With the help of the Cyber Cell, they located his mobile phone in Tiruvalla.
Earlier, another convent near Pala was attacked and a mobile phone was stolen. The culprit could not be nabbed. The police found out that mobile phone was being used after changing the SIM card and it was in the tower limits where Carmelite convent is located.
This led to the conclusion that the culprit is one person in both the incidents. The probe team reached Kasargod following the IMEI number of that phone.