GCIC on Trump's election as President of the USA

Global Council of Indian Christians(GCIC)
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The Global Council Of Indian Christians(GCIC) congratulates Mr.Donald J. Trump, the newly elected 45th President of the United States and wishes him all the success. Voters across the United States once again firmly asserted their faith in the traditional values and upheld the principles of democracy and freedom that has been the hallmark of that country.

The United States always has been a beacon of hope for the oppressed and persecuted people around the world and a Trump presidency, hopefully, will herald a new era in uplifting human spirit and promoting freedom of conscience.

GCIC also hopes a Trump presidency would not fall prey to the special interests that tend to promote regional wars at the expense of innocent people, especially minorities including Christians, as we have witnessed in the case of Syria.

Christians around the world are living in perilous times. Whether it is from the Hindutva extremists in India, Islamic radicals in Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan, Intolerant Buddhists in Myanmar or Sri Lanka, Christianity has become the major target of scorn, prejudice, abuse and persecution.

We hope and pray that the new Trump administration will work towards bringing peace and prosperity to the United States and the rest of the world while upholding human rights and promoting equality and justice everywhere.

Dr. Sajan George
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