American Hindu outfit endorses curb on Christian NGO,s by Indian Goverment-GCIC slams Hindu American Foundation for misinformation campaign

A top Hindu American outfit said the hearing on a Christian charity organisation is "an undue endorsement" of one religion over other."We believe that Compassion International s claim that it is a humanitarian organisation only, while its publicly stated mission is evangelisation, is disingenuous," said Suhag Shukla, executive director and legal counsel of the Hindu American Foundation.(Earlier :  Top American lawmakers have expressed concern over the alleged curbs imposed by India on a Christian charity organisation whose representatives appeared before a Congressional hearing seeking change in New Delhi's policies related to foreign funding of NGOs.

"It is my hope that by bringing attention to this issue, as we're doing here today, the 145,000 children will not be tragically denied the services they desperately need, and that American families... can continue to send the US $38 a month for food and education fees to the poorest of the poor," Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of the powerful House Foreign Relations Committee said in his opening remarks.)
"We are deeply concerned that diplomatic and congressional efforts on its behalf could be interpreted as a tacit approval of work that contradicts our nation's principles of religious freedom and pluralism," Ms Shukla said after the House Foreign Relations Committee held the hearing.

It also compromises "our ability to enforce compliance of US laws by foreign nationals and American credibility regarding commitment to law and order given Compassion International s disregard, at best, and circumventing, at worst, of Indian law," Ms Shukla argued.

"Moreover, advocating specifically on behalf of Compassion International may signal the American government s tacit approval of predatory and ethically questionable tactics targeting children for religious conversion," she said.

Ms Shukla alleged that Compassion International partner Caruna Bal Vikas, until May 2014, was receiving on average R
100 crore or approximately USD17 million, until it came under the scrutiny of the Indian Tax Department.

Investigations revealed that it had been distributing foreign funds from Compassion International to both FCRA and non-FCRA NGOs, the latter in contradiction of FCRA rules, she said.
Global Council of Indian Christians(GCIC) condemned insensitive bigotry by Hindu American Foundation.Challenged same association to come out clean about the activities of India development fund and Hindu Godmen and women raising fund from gullible American public for political and business activities in the guise of humanitarian work among tribalsWhile Hindu American Foundation enjoy unlimited freedom in USA their attempt to oppress minority christian community is ridiculous.