Christian believer killed in Indian state of Odisha(Orissa)

Around 4:30 in the morning on Nov 20th, seven villagers from Bhitarkota came to the house of fellow villager Jeyram Khoskla, and took him from his home. He never returned. Around 1 p.m. that day, his body was found shot dead nearly 2 ½ miles from his home.

Jeyram,23, and his wife Indu came to faith a few years ago. They have 3 young children. As a daily wages laborer, he worked long hours to provide for his family. Jeyram was an active member of the church and was often involved in showing the “Jesus” film and distributing Bibles. He brought nearly 50 families in and around his village to Christ and had received severe threats from other villagers many times before. Other Christians in his church are facing threats as well.

Indu works as a sweeper in the village school. Please pray that his wife and children would experience the comfort and peace of Christ as they heal emotionally from this tragedy.