Press Release! INOC, USA deplores mob attack on Nigerian Students in Greater Noida, India

INOC, USA deplores mob attack on Nigerian Students in Greater Noida, India

‘It is a sad day for a nation when foreign nationals are targeted, harassed and beaten up. What kind of a country India wants to be?’ asked George Abraham, Chairman of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA. ‘We strongly condemn the alleged racist and brutal attack on Nigerian students by a mob in Greater Noida, U.P and call upon the Ministry of External Affairs and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to take prompt action to identify and to bring the perpetrators to justice. Undoubtedly, these are hate crimes and should be dealt with seriously’ the statement added.

Indians are one of the largest Emigrant groups to anywhere and demand freedom and opportunities wherever they seem to settle down. Those opportunities have enabled the NRIs to contribute substantially to the development of modern India. Therefore, it is incumbent on the Government of India as well its citizens to reciprocate and extend the same courtesies to foreigners who come to India whether it is for further studies or conducting business.

We all had felt the pain when one of our own, an Indian Techie Srinivas Kuchibhotla was killed in Kansas. It is only fair that we express the same outrage when an injustice is done to foreigners who reside in India.

However, we have serious doubts about the willingness and fortitude of the current BJP Government to seriously deal with racism and bigotry as they thrive on polarization and division. It should be noted that even students from Northeast are allegedly facing harassment and discrimination in their daily lives at the nation’s capital and only the strict enforcement of law and order and upholding of constitutional values may bring about any relief.

As for NRIs, it is a moral imperative to voice their serious concern in this regard to the government of India. Demanding fairness elsewhere while remaining silent in the face of injustice towards the treatment of foreigners in India would tantamount to just plain hypocrisy, the statement added.

George Abraham, Chairman