Hindu American Foundation(HAF) asked to introspect its position against hate and persecution of minorities in India

Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) demands the Hindu American Foundation(HAF) to introspect for opposing the USCIRF,report regarding plight of religious minorities in India and for obfuscating the issues around violence against minorities.Hindu Yuva Vahini and its likes ,integral part of Hindutva indulging hate crimes and persecution against Christians and other minorities in India,upstaging the constitutional gurantees to minorities and even undermining the rule of the law with impunity.

HAF is primarily a front for the Hindu nationalist movement (also known as Hindutva) led by the RSS in India. Contrary to its claims about being a human rights organization, HAF has consistently served as apologists for the violent politics of the Sangh Parivar (the broad family of RSS organizations that includes HAF and its US based affiliates such as the VHP-(World Hindu Council)).

HAF's position on the plight of religious minorities in India is diametrically opposite to that of USCIRF,On its website and in social media, HAF has attacked the integrity of prominent organizations like USCIRF and HRW. This fits a pattern followed by Hindutva organizations where concern for minorities in India is projected as "bias" against Hindus.

While any situation involving millions of people professing diverse religions is necessarily complex, violations of human rights and religious freedom as a result of the increasingly hostile socio-political environment created by the Hindu nationalist movement deserve international condemnation,. "It is deplorable that an organization claiming to stand for pluralism and human rights stridently opposes any scrutiny of the situation of religious minorities in India. "While being vocal about the situation of Hindu minorities in other parts of the world, HAF appears to be considering Christian, Muslim and Sikh religious minorities in India as somehow less worthy of having their plight known to the American public.

In echoing HAF's concern about the timing of the hearing, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard appeared to be reading from an HAF script. H.Res. 417 is in fact a pro-India resolution that celebrates India's long-standing pluralistic ethos.

HAF claims for instance that the massacre of Christians in Odisha by Hindutva organizations, is to be blamed on the murder of a prominent Hindutva leader Swami Lakshmananda (who was killed by Maoists). Furthermore HAF blames anti-Christian violence perpetrated by the Hindutva movement as a response to "aggressive proselytizing by Christian missionary groups." When it comes to anti-minority violence conducted by the Hindutva movement, HAF consistently blames minority victims and tacitly defends the perpetrators.Far from being an organization committed to promoting human dignity and pluralism, HAF stands exposed as a foe of human rights, working to defend the Hindutva movement from much needed public scrutiny in the US.

HAF's alacrity in protecting Hindutva organizations from any kind of international censure for violence against minorities in India stands in stark contrast to its vigorous efforts to highlight the plight of Hindu minorities in countries around the world.