Holy cross desecrated at two places in Goa

GCIC condemns and Blamed the Hidutva meeting recently held at Goa.
JULY 02, 2017
JULY 02, 2017 23:36 IST

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Incidents occurred in St. Jose de Areal and Gudi Paroda
Panaji: Two separate incidents of desecration of the holy cross were reported from south Goa’s Catholic-dominated Salcete taluk on Sunday morning inviting outrage from local people at least in one place.Two crosses were desecrated in St. Jose de Areal and one in Gudi Paroda.

Confirming the incidents, South Goa Superintendent of Police Chandan Chowdhary said while people had gathered at St. Jose de Areal, there was no gathering in Paroda where only the platform of the cross has been damaged.

Earlier incident

She said that some time back, ahead of Goa Revolution Day, similar incident was reported from Chandor and the police investigation revealed that some person of unsound mind had damaged a cross.

However, they had intensified the vigil and patrolling in all such areas since then.

In the case of the incident at St. Jose de Areal, Ms. Chowdhary said that police was patrolling the area till 6 a.m. on Sunday and only after the police left “it looks like the incident has happened”.

“We will probe these incidents thoroughly and even if it is handiwork of some mentally unsound persons, will take appropriate action. Patrolling will be intensified further,” she added.

When contacted, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar told The Hindu that when a similar incident had come to light some time back in Chandor in South Goa, he had asked the police to investigate and be strict. It turned out to be the work of some mentally deranged person. He said the latest incident could also could be handiwork of such a person.

He has asked the Director General of Police to thoroughly probe the incidents and track down the culprits. “I have also directed police to intensify regular patrolling. People should not get worried, we will take strict action. I don’t feel any outsider would dare commit such acts,” Mr. Parrikar said.