Pentecostal Pastor killed in Punjab

07/18/2017 INDIA
Pentecostal Pastor killed in Punjab. Mons. Mulakkal: an attack against Christians

Sultan Masih was the pastor of the "Temple of God Church". He was joined by gunshots while he was on his cell phone. Bishop of Jalandhar: "The entire Christian community is in deep wound". The family of the victim block the highway. Sajan K George: "In the land prevails lynching culture".

Ludhiana (AsiaNews) - The murder of Sultan Pentecostal pastor Masih "was an attack against the Christian community." It is convinced Msgr. Franco Mulakkal, Bishop of Jalandhar, which to AsiaNews condemns the killing of Christian leaders took place the evening of July 15 in a village in Indian Punjab. Although police still groping in the dark and not be biased on the identity of the attackers, the bishop has no doubts: "The killers knew he was a pastor. This attack against Christians has deeply wounded the entire community and caused insecurity and turmoil. We have no idea of the reason for his murder. "

Masih was the pastor of the "Temple of God Church", in the village of Slem Tabri. Those who knew him, reported that the man had no enemies or disagreements with neighbors. He was joined by a few shots fired projectile by two men on a bicycle, which hit him while he was outside the church and talked on his cell phone.

Yesterday his relatives and the community faithful took to the streets to demand that justice be done soon, and that the murderers are arrested. For this they blocked the highway Ludhiana-Jalandhar NH-1 [v. photo], refusing even to celebrate the funeral until they got no answers. The blockade lasted three hours, and finally in the evening funerals were held.

Meanwhile, the authorities have tightened security measures in all churches of the state, in advance. The chief minister Amarinder Singh has awarded compensation of 500 thousand rupees [about 7 thousand Euros, ed ] to the widow of the victim and offered jobs in the state police to two children (a boy and a girl), so that they can maintain family. Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) has condemned "the culture of lynching and lawlessness that prevail in many parts of India and are fueling the hatred and the climate of impunity. We want peace. Violence and murder are against the teachings of all religions. "

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