Karnataka,Indian state Christians accused of forced conversions

28/08/2017 INDIA
Karnataka, Pentecostal Christian accused of forced conversions.Dorairaj is 63 and resides in the village of Kollamogru-Kalmakaru. A group of about 20 people surrounded and searched. The Christian had already been indicted in the past. Perhaps it is targeted by the Hindus because it is a convert.

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - A Pentecostal Christian from Karnataka was handed over to the police on charges of forced conversions. On August 26, Dorairaju, a 63-year-old man, was surrounded by about twenty residents of the Kollamogru-Kalmakaru village. Hindu group first searched and then "escorted" to the local police station. The agents welcomed the accusers' denunciation and sent home all, including the Christian. Today Dorairaju will have to appear again in the police station to defend himself against the accusation that he has attempted to convert people with the promise of money. To AsiaNews Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (Gcic), states: "The Christian is used to visiting the village houses to bring the Good News but never offered money."

In the past, man had already been indicted for forced conversions. In all likelihood, the distrust of him is due to the fact that he himself is a convert. They regularly visit the houses of his village, where they live different dalits, and offer prayers. His visits had already sparked a wave of suspicions by the Hindus.

After searching for his bag, in which they found religious material, the group dragged him in front of the agents. "Village residents - reports Sanjan K George - have filed charges against him for an hour, accusing him of attempting to plagiarize [the population] with the promise of money. But all this is false. Dorairaj has never attempted to bribe anybody. He only wanted to share the teachings of the Gospel, and this is neither criminal nor illegal. People opened to him the doors of his own home, so there was no violation of his domicile, the less he went into the house with deceit. " "This whole situation - he concludes - is really sad for the vulnerable Pentecostal Christian, who has been apprehended by the majority only for visiting homes."

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