Karnataka, two Pentecostal Christians arrested for forced conversions

07/09/2017 INDIA
Mercy and Rosaline guilty of distributing religious material. Hindu activists have surrounded and handed over to the police. The police did not find Christian brothels. Article 25 of the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - In Karnataka, two Pentecostal Christians were arrested by the police on charges of forced conversions. Women, Mercy and Roselina, are predicates of the "New Life" community. The nationalist radicals have begged them to visit the houses of local Hindus to distribute the religious material of their organization and make proselytism. To AsiaNews Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (Gcic), complains: "The Gcic condemns the detention of the two Christians, who are not involved in any criminal or illegal activity."

According to the Christian leader, arresting them "were doing only what the Constitution, Article 25, guarantees. The police did not find them in possession of prohibited or dangerous material, weapons, or anti-national texts. No complaints from those to whom the sermons were addressed. No Hate Speech or Complaints For Forced Conversions ".