Jharkhand, Hindu extremists accuse a Catholic principal of boycotting their stores

Dilip Ekka directs the school of St. Joseph. The goal of nationalists is to crush the educational system of Catholic institutes in India. Sajan K George: "Christians are demonised as rextremists because they work for tribal development."

Ranchi (AsiaNews) - Some extremists the Hindu Mahasabha [former party of the nationalist right, ed ] and Bajrang Dal [militant youth wing of the Vishva Hindu Parishad, ed ] have filed a complaint against the principal of a Catholic school. According to the plaintiffs, Dilip Ekka, head of St. Joseph's School in Latehar, Jharkhand, would boycott Hindu shops in the area, preventing people from buying the products they sell. The Catholic rejects all the charges. For AsiaNews p. Michael Kerketta sj, Jesuit theologian and professor of systematic theology at Ranchi, points out that the purpose of nationalists is to strike the leader to sink the educational system of Catholic schoolsin India. "They are all false allegations - he says - made for propaganda. These elements want to create division. The school he leads provides quality education for everyone, regardless of caste and I believe, and it especially welcomes tribal students. "
The police investigate the matter, which stops the presiding officer's responsibility. OP Tiwari, Deputy Mahuadand Police Superintendent, states: "For now, they are just suppositions. The two communities have always lived in peace in this area. If necessary, we will invite the parties to a confrontation and clarify the misunderstanding. "
The Mahuadand district, where the members of the two radical nationalist groups have been denounced, has a high concentration of Christian population. According to the census data of 2011, 44.69% of the population living here professes Christianity against 20.79% of Hindus.
Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (Gcic), also points out another aspect: the fact that the great work of Catholic schools, and more generally by Christians, in favor of tribal tribes, may bother the Hindu majority. Over the last few weeks, he remembers, "Jharkhand is in the focus of extremist groups, who want to break the harmony between the communities and divide tribals by requiring their lands." In support of the local ethnic groups, Telesphore Toppo , Archbishop of Ranchi, and for retaliation Hindu radicals have spread photographs of his flaming dummy .
Gcic's leader points out that "tribals have always been exploited and excluded by the Hindu majority, which now also claims to bring them back to origin with the Anti-conversion Act . But tribals have never been Hindus. " The Catholic school problem, he concludes, is that "they are in tribal areas and provide them with good instruction. On the contrary, the tribal education underdevelopment is very convenient for the Brahminic mentality that wants to keep tribal necessities within the oppressive mechanism of the [hierarchical] structure. "