Prayer Rally with Police Permission Interrupted and Stopped in Uttar Pradesh and Missionaries Arrested

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copy of the police Permission.
Fasting prayer rally was conducted at Dudhi, Uttar Pradesh by GEMS and Dudhi Christian church. RSS & BJP members forcefully stopped the prayer with police help and confined missionaries at the police station.

Fasting Prayer rally was being conducted at Dudhi, Uttar Pradesh from 26th October 2017 by GEMS and Dudhi Christian church. On 28th October 2017 at 10:30 AM a group of BJP & RSS members stormed the compound of Dudhi Christian church where the meeting was being conducted.
The final day program of the Fasting Prayer rally was going on and it was abruptly stopped by the Police citing that they received numerous phone calls about conversion happening through this meeting. Participants were sent out of the meeting place.
At the ground it was announced to send the believers away within two hours. 230 people were accommodated at GEMS English School, Dudhi & they had gone to have food and there's no train until evening.

Around 2:15 PM today, 28th October a big group of BJP & RSS members along with police entered GEMS English School, Dudhi and arrested a teacher Mr. Philip, Bro. Praveen Das (Zonal Superintendent, Sonebhadra Zone), Bro. Nehemiah and five other believers and took them to the Dudhi police station. Mr. Philip was beaten by RSS members in the presence of the police, before being taken to the police station.

News published in Hindi online news Jagran
सोनभद्र में धर्म परिवर्तन की शिकायत, पुलिस का हस्तक्षेप

The fasting prayer rally was conducted only after taking permission from the police on 14th October to conduct the fasting prayer from 26th until 8 PM on 28th and it is clearly mentioned that 1500 people will attend. The permission letter was signed and received by the SHO.

RSS & BJP members are pressurizing the police to file a false case against the missionaries. Pray for the release of the eight missionaries & believers confined at Dudhi Police Station. Pray for the sent away believers to not lose heart, not to be intimidated and to be strong in the Lord. Pray for the Lord to open the eyes of the opposing groups to know His love and salvation.

Thursday, October 26, 2017
Missionary Given Ultimatum of Life and Another Confined at Police Station.GEMS missionary at Rajhara, Jharkhand has been given ultimatum of life by a thug paid by the Sangh. Missionaries at Shaktinagar, Uttar Pradesh was confined whole night at the police station for showing Jesus film.

Thug Threatens to Kill Missionary in Jharkhand
There has been continuous opposition to the GEMS church at Rajhara (Palamu District) in Jharkhand.
October 2017 -
October 2016 -

A few days back Alok Pandey a resident of Rajhara and a well-known thug of this area has threatened the GEMS missionary Bro. Augustine Kujur. In the recent phone call he has said, “I have been told from above (Sangh affiliates who have paid him) to deal with you. If you want to stay here pay me fifty thousand rupees. If not, I will kidnap you and you will not be found”. Alok Pandey has given ultimatum to the missionary until Chhatth (26th October) gets over.