Indian Pastor arrested in Kuwait faces judgement Sunday

Kuwaiti authorities have arrested an Indian Pastor after he allegedly spoke against Islam in a Christian-Islam debate group. Rev. Shibu Mathew was a participant at a faith debate at Christ Embassy Church in Mangaf (a suburb of Kuwait city), the event was put on by both Muslim and Christian groups in agreement. However, a few Muslims of Malayalam origins who were apparently unhappy with their inability to defend their own beliefs filed a complaint against their Indian compatriot with the Kuwaiti police.

One wonders why these individuals would attend such a group if they felt they would be offended by engaging in dialogue about religion. It is shame they have involved the police in their inter-personal conflict and hopefully it will not bring blight on Kuwait's reputation for religious tolerance towards its expat community.

Pastor Shibu in Kuwait

BPCA is urging Christians across the globe to pray for Pastor Shibu Mathew who is a married 42 y/o father of four as he waits for a final judgement on his case Sunday November 19th.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association said:

"This action by Muslims involved in a debate mutually agreed by proponents of two faiths, illustrates the murky depths some extremists will go to, in order to claim supremacy for their faith.

"The abject fear of debate and the attempts to thwart rational discussion by threats is not a new phenomenon but one that is prevalent in the Islamic world."

"Sadly for Pastor Shibu Mathew this has now put him before a court of law and Christians across the globe must act by praying and calling for his freedom, through their MP's.

"Kuwait is a signatory of the UN Human Rights convention and their law courts must uphold this international law and release Pastor Mathew or they will blemish their favourable reputation for protection of minorities within their midst."