Police outside St Mary's PG College, Vidisha district, Madhya Pradesh

Sub:- The trespassing by A BV P Youth wing on 30.12.17 at the St. Mary's P.G college ( A Private unaided Institution) and the threat given by them to perform Bharat Mata Aarti forcefully on 4.01.18.

Respected Sir,

On the above mentioned subject I'd like to draw your kind attention to the Fact that on 30.12.17 at 11 o'clock two policemen entered the Director's office at St. Mary's P.G College to inform that a group of ABVP representatives wanted to meet the director to discuss the matter of Bharat Mata Aarti on 4.01.18 . After some time the watchman came and informed that a group of ABVP , Youth Wing of BJP and Hindu Fundamentalists are at the college gate seeking permission to enter.

On this, the authority of the college reached the gate and by the time they started hot argumentation on the matter. At that time the T.I Civil Lines Vidisha , Mr. Rakesh Shrivastava along with few more police officers reached there . After a few minutes the Tehsildar Mr. Rajiv Kahar also reached there. In presence of all the officers ,they argued and threatened to perform Aarti on 4th Jan. 2018 at 12'o' clock in the campus.

They used abusive language during the arguments. The Fathers informed them that St. Mary's P.G College is a minority institution and we didn't get any circular or order letter from the university or State Government and so forbade them to perform the ritual. On this the group of people were infuriated and threatened that they would definitely perform the Aarti in the campus on 4.01.18. If the college authorities interfere, they would even follow violent methods.

The A B V P members are provoking the people of Vidisha against this institution through social media and other means due to which the reputation of this institution is deformed. Moreover we are emotionally harassed.

The students of the institution are feeling insecure due to this violent procedures.

So humbly request the authorities to take prompt and strict action against these concerned people and prevent the forceful Aarti at the college campus on 4.01.18, so that there may not be any harm to the people or property of this institution or even any other in future.

Thanking You

Fr Maria Stephen
For MP Region