Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles warns of return to 'dark days of 1930s'

December 22, 2016
Charles said his comments applied not just to Christians fleeing parts of the Middle East but also to other persecuted faiths in the world including Yazidis, Jews, Ahmadis and Baha'i people.London - Britain's Prince Charles warned against intolerance towards refugees fleeing religious persecution on Thursday, saying the rising tide of populism was reminiscent of the "dark days" of the 1930s.In the run-up to Christmas he pointed to the idea that Jesus' family had sought refuge from persecution,


Britain Bans Three Iraqi Assyrian Bishops From Representatives of Persecuted Christians Entering Country

The Archbishop of Mosul Nicodemus Daoud Sharaf, left, was denied entry in the UK. ( AFP/Getty)
Three archbishops from war-torn Iraq and Syria have been refused permission to enter the UK despite being invited to London to meet Prince Charles.The Christians, including the Archbishop of Mosul, were told there was "no room at the inn" by the Home Office when they applied for visas to attend the consecration of the UK's first Syriac Orthodox Cathedral.


Prince Charles Makes Devastating Statement About Islam… Muslims Are Outraged

While the President of the United States is seemingly taking the side of radical Islamists, and working to weaken and destroy the fundamental principles that Western civilization and society are built upon, other leaders are stepping up to lead the fight against the destructive and murderous ideology.The United Kingdom’s Prince Charles is in the middle of a week-long tour of the Middle East, where it is expected that he will deliver a strong message to Muslim leaders regarding the prevalence and growth of the radical Islamist mindset.