2 children had hands amputated by ISIS for refusing to execute civilians

A source told Iraq’s Al-Sumaria News on Thursday that ISIS amputated the hands of two children in western Mosul for not executing two civilians they were ordered to kill.“ISIS leaders issued orders to train a group of children on fighting in the group’s camps in Nables neighborhood, in the western side of Nineveh,” the source claimed.


Who's Ministering in Mosul? Persecuted Christians from Burma

As ISIS flees, some of the first frontline Christians already know how to follow Jesus in a war zone.
Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra/ DECEMBER 19, 2016
As Iraqi coalition forces claw their way into Mosul, the retreating ISIS fighters have booby trapped streets, sent suicide bombers against the liberating army, and used civilians as human shields.The civilians left in their wake are hungry, thirsty, terrified, and exhausted.


Crucifixions and vice patrols show Islamic State maintains Mosul grip

Islamic State militants fighting to hold on to their Mosul stronghold have killed at least 20 people in the last two days for passing information to "the enemy" and are back on the city streets policing the length of men's beards, residents say.Five crucified bodies were put on display at a road junction on Tuesday, a clear message to the city's remaining 1.5 million residents that the ultra-hardline Islamists are still in charge, despite losing territory to the east of the city.
Others were seen hanging from electricity poles and traffic signals around the city, residents said on Wednesday.