threat to Kerala Christians

Islamic State threat to Kerala Christians worries leaders

Planned terrorism cannot be taken lightly as Islamic militancy poses a threat to all mankind.Global Council of Indian Christians(GCIC) urges christians to come out of political correctness to address this challenge.Middle east genocide against christians should open eyes of the christian leaders.."Salafism" in India is directly connected with terrorism,according to reports emanating from various quarters.GCIC had attempted to raise this after hand chopping of Prof. T. J. Joseph in Kerala,let us read the writings on the wall.
Media reports that terrorists connected to the so-called Islamic State(IS) plan to target Syrian Christians in Kerala is causing concerns for religious leaders in the southern Indian state.The Times of India daily recently reported that Kerala police have busted an IS-inspired cell.Interrogations reportedly revealed that the Islamic militant outfit was targeting churches and institutions run by "a denomination of Christians of Syrian lineage.".The report did not specify the denomination, but said they were targeted because their ancestors had killed Muslims during the historical crusades.