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Killings, Violence In The Name Of Cow Vigilantism Must Stop-Supreme Court of India

Killings, Violence In The Name Of Cow Vigilantism Must Stop: SC BY: LIVE LAW NEWS NETWORK SEPTEMBER 6, 2017 11:56 AM Mincing no words, a bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra today said all killings...
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The Supreme Court of India upheld Privacy as Fundamental Right

The Supreme Court of India on Thursday ruled that the right to privacy was a fundamental right protected under Article 21 of the Constitution, which upholds the right to life. The Constitution bench held that right to privacy is an “intrinsic part of life and personal liberty”, Bar and Bench reported. It was a unanimous decision by the nine-judge bench.


Triple talaq: AIMPLB, please zip up; Constitution is supreme, not community

Akshaya Mishra Updated: Oct 14, 2016
Whenever there’s a conflict between personal law and the Indian Constitution, the latter prevails. If there’s a conflict between the rights of the individual and rights of the community, the former prevails. Period. This applies to the Muslim community and to all other communities, including Hindus. The government should make this clear to All India Muslim Personal Law Board and Muslim organisations up in arms over the call to ban triple talaq.