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US lawmaker to write to Rajnath Singh over curbs on NGO

Sources said that this will be a last-ditch effort to save Compassion International, which has announced its exit from the country on March 15 as a result of the funding curbs.US Congressman Ed Royce is planning to write to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh over India’s order stopping Compassion International (CI) from accepting foreign donations, American government sources told The Indian Express on Friday. He is likely to urge Singh to grant temporary reprieve on the order so that the charity may re-establish its work in India.


Will take up issue of shutting down of NGO Compassion International with India: US

Compassion International is said to be shutting down its India operations after it was put under prior permission category in May last year. When a donor organisation is put under this category, it is barred from funding any Indian NGO without the government's approval.The United States has said that it will take up with India the shutting down of a Colorado-based donor NGO


Christian charity shuts amid govt crackdown,RSS US functionary roots for big pie from the charities to operate in India???

Ellen Barry and Suhasini Raj, March 9, 2017, International New York Times
More than 11,000 NGOs have lost their licences to accept foreign funds since NDA( Modi led Government) took office in 2014.India’s crackdown on foreign aid will claim its most prominent casualty this month, as a Colorado-based Christian charity that is one of India’s biggest donors closes its operations after 48 years, informing tens of thousands of children that they will no longer receive meals, medical care or tuition payments.


Hate and religious discrimination,NGO Compassion forced to shut down by Modi Government

147,000 babies, children, young adults and mothers who will no longer receive the benefits of Compassion’s programmeNo tears, No rhetoric Non Govermental supported by US forced to shut down in India by Modi Government
"Today I’m writing the blog I had hoped to never write. With our hearts aching, Compassion has begun the process of ending our operations in India.If nothing changes in the next couple weeks, our last day of operation in India will be March 15.Months ago, the Indian government began blocking funds from reaching our field offices and church partners. Without those funds, we can no longer pay our staff or provide resources to our church partners and the children they serve. Please know that we have tried everything within our power to resolve this issue with the Indian government. But to date, all of those efforts have not resolved the matter".