Indian state of Madhya Pradesh: 28,000 kids below six years of age died last year-Modi is in hurry to shut down Compassion International

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79 children aged below six years die every day in Madhya and this shows that the infant mortality rate in Madhya Pradesh is worse than even many African nations.


Tribal man forced to carry his dead daughters body on shoulder 15 kilometers in Indian state of Orissa

Dana Majhi, another issue came to fore wherein a man on Wednesday(4th January-2017) carried his dead daughter on shoulder after failing to get a hearse van.The man, identified as Gati Dhibar, of Pechamundi village walked around 15 kilometres carrying his five-year-old daughter, who died at the Palahada Community Health Centre (CHC) in AngulTribals used as votebank in Odisha but denied facilities: Juvenile Justice Board

Pandit Dharam Prakash Sharma today went to be with the Lord Jesus Christ

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Pandit Dharam Prakash Sharma, the great Brahmin, the only son of the chief priest of Pushkar Teertha, Ajmer (Rajastan) came to know Lord Jesus Christ as his life, his Lord and his Saviour by reading the “Sermon On The Mount” which was a part of his college curriculum and which also influenced Mahatma Gandhi, his mentor, tremendously.Pandit Sharma today went to be with the Lord Jesus Christ.