India today defended its human rights records in Geneva during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) by the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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The attorney general of India, Mukul Rohatgi, representing the country, answered the questions and concerns sent in by other countries. Addressing the members of the United Nations, Rohatgi projected India's record on human rights protection at the global conference and said,"Concept of torture is alien to our culture".Netherlands regretted anti-conversion laws are used in India to fuel communal violence , Norway (also) urges India to ratify convention against torture.


112 Countries Will Question India on Its Human Rights Record

India under the Modi regime faces a review of its human rights record by the UN Human Rights Council.
Sabrang India 02 May 2017
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India under the Modi regime, faces a review of its human rights record by the UN Human Rights Council ; the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group of the UN will examine India's human rights record for the third time on May 4; as of now, India is the second-most popular country for this UPR session – South Africa just barely beat it out with 113 countries listed to speak for that UPR. Brazil, Indonesia, Morocco, and the Philippines are all tied for third at 109.