ISIS sympathiser in Church

ISIS sympathiser turns to church to evade arrest

Bengaluru tailor switched faiths in bid to leave India
A radical Islamist, who turned an atheist, and later a Christian, to escape the attention of law enforcement agencies — this is the story of Abid Khan alias Paul, who is now in the custody of the National Investigation Agency for “furthering the illegal activities of the Islamic State in India and Sri Lanka”.

The interrogation report of the 24-year-old Bengaluru resident reveals a bizarre tale of how a small-time tailor engaged with a closed group of Islamists before ending up in a seminary attached to a church. Before he took an interest in the activities of the IS, Khan was an active member of Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HuT), a closed Islamic fundamentalist group run by South Asians living in the U.K, with a large following in Pakistan and Bangladesh, but unheard of in India.